Pontuação do Premium League Fantasy Game

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Fantasy Game

Técnicos, com o objetivo de vocês terem uma melhor experiencia no nosso Fantasy Game, fizemos esse post bem rápido para vocês saberem todos os critérios para as pontuações dos jogadores.

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Consequentemente, a pontuação final do seu time.

Lembrando que já fizemos alguns post explicando como funciona o Fantasy Game e de como montar um bom time, além das dicas que fornecemos em algumas rodadas para os campeonatos que estão em alta.

Sem mais delongas, aqui estão todos os critérios de pontuação:

Pontuações dos Goleiros:

Defesa de Pênalti(DP)8,00
Gol Sofrido(GS)-2,00
Não Sofrer Gol
(valido para zagueiros e laterais também)


  • Defesa não possui nível de dificuldade! Qualquer defesa do goleiro, sendo ela fácil, média ou difícil é considerada como defesa;
  • interceptações de cruzamentos ou faltas cobradas na área NÃO consideramos como Defesa (D) do goleiro.

Pontuações Positivas:

Gol(G) 9,00
Gol de cabeça (G) 9,00
Gol de falta (G) 9,00
Gol de pênalti (G) 9,00
Assistência (G) 6,00
Finalização na trave (FT) 3,50
Pênalti recebido (PR) 2,00
Roubada de bola (RB) 1,75
Finalização no gol (FG) 1,50
Finalização para fora (FF) 1,00
Falta recebida (FR) 0,6


Assistência – (A)

  • A assistência será considerada para todos os casos de último passe antes do gol.

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Roubada de Bola – (RB)

  • Para ser considerado Roubada de Bola, além de tirar a bola de um adversário, o jogador deve ter a intenção de interceptar um passe/lançamento ou de tirar a bola de um adversário;
  • as roubadas de bola devem resultar na posse da bola roubada ou evitar claramente uma chance de gol;
  • as roubadas de bola são consideradas SOMENTE QUANDO o jogador que rouba a bola, domina e faz claramente um passe para um companheiro de equipe;
  • qualquer chute desesperado para tirar a bola da área de perigo não valem como roubada de bola.
Roubada de bola

Dúvidas Comuns:

  • quando um jogador rouba a bola do adversário e no mesmo lance perde a bola (passando errado, sofrendo falta ou saindo com a bola) não é considerada roubada de bola;
  • interceptação de passe é Roubada de Bola (RB)? sim, desde que não seja interpretado como um Passe Errado (PE) do adversário.

Pontuações Negativas:

Ação SiglaPontuação
Gol Contra (GC) -6,00
Pênalti Perdido (PP) -6,00
Cartão Vermelho (CV) -3,00
Cartão Amarelo(CA) -2,00
Pênalti Cometido (PC) -2,00
Impedimento (I) -0,8
Falta Cometida (FC) -0,6
Mão(FC) -0,6
Passe Errado (PE) -0,3


Passe Errado / Cruzamento Errado – (PE)

Considera-se um passe errado quando:

  • Um jogador não completa o passe à um companheiro de equipe;
  • quando seu passe sai fora dos limites do campo;
  • quando o passe permite que o adversário tome posse da bola ou qualquer outra situação para a qual a bola não tenha como destino o companheiro de equipe.

Não é considerado um passe errado quando:

  • A bola é tirada com um chute e um rival a intercepta;
  • um jogador corre e dá um dos toques na bola muito longo e o adversário rouba a bola;
  • o jogador quem tentou o passe é o goleiro.

Dúvidas Comuns:

  • Cruzamento errado é considerado Passe Errado (PE)? Sim!

Pontuação do Técnico

Para saber o valor final do técnico é simples, basta somar a pontuação de cada jogador do time e divida o total por 11 (onze).


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Whether Bitcoin is a good investment for you depends entirely on your own preferences, risk aversion, and investment needs. Nobody can say whether Bitcoin, or any other asset, is a good investment with certainty. While the price crashes of the past have typically proven to be lucrative investment opportunities, past performance is not a sure indicator of future performance, and you must use your own judgement when making an investment. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Market analysts have attributed the price swings to a number of factors, including geopoliticial crises, emerging regulation and the tightening of monetary policy in the US. Before the pandemic, crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ether showed little correlation with major stock indices. They were thought to help diversify risk and act as a hedge against swings in other asset classes. But this changed after the extraordinary central bank crisis responses of early 2020. Crypto prices and US stocks both surged amid easy global financial conditions and greater investor risk appetite. https://beta.carmatch.dk/community/profile/domenicbarcenas/ Because bitcoin cash initially drew its value from bitcoin’s market cap, it caused bitcoin’s value to drop by an amount proportional to its adoption on launch. While Hayek and Nakamoto hoped private currencies would directly compete with the U.S. dollar and other fiat currencies, bitcoin does not have to replace everyday cash transactions to transform global finance. Few people may pay for their morning coffee with bitcoin, but it is also rare for people to purchase coffee with Treasury bonds or gold bars. Bitcoin is competing not with cash, but with these latter two assets, to become the world’s premier long-term store of wealth. Bitcoin sank nine percent to as low as $29,624, attaining a level last seen in January, with analysts citing Chinese efforts to crack down on trading and mining operations.

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The objective is to have a good strategy, since just like in the board game you will be able to keep the cards that interest you to win by pressing Hold and discarding those that are not by pressing the fire button. In this game you must take into account whether or not you have the Joker, since the Joker is like the Wild figure: it substitutes any card in a combination with a prize. Wazdan presents Joker Poker, an online slot machine available in the best Spanish casinos that plays one of the classics of real Las Vegas casinos. A combination of slot machine and poker game where you will win with the cards. Poker is the quintessential card game. In fact, the slots were born as a poker machine and originally instead of figures, there were combinations of 5 cards that were won by achieving the figures of this popular card game. http://angeloyxnd108653.spintheblog.com/11553925/jocuri-gratis-maxbet Lista de oferte Netbet Casino nu ar fi completă dacă nu ar include și Netbet bonus fără depunere online. Astfel, operatorul îți oferă și un bonus Netbet Casino România 2022 de 200 de rotiri gratuite Netbet acordat pentru crearea unui cont de jucător la Netbet online: Vorbim despre partenerul nostru de top, Netbet Casino, care îți lansează o provocare pe care ar fi păcat să o ratezi. Întâi pregătește-te pentru avantajele oferite de bonus 100 rotiri gratuite fără depunere Netbet 2022 disponibile pentru slotul Shining Crown! Bonus rotiri gratuite Netbet Casino 2022 este acordat fiecărui jucător nou înregistrat pe platformă, prin introducerea acestui cod bonus Netbet Casino rotiri gratuite 2022: OFERTA100. Jocurile de noroc pot deveni o problemă cu consecințe serioase dacă nu sunt practicate responsabil

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Kingston Oklahoma Casino Online casino: guide to the 2020 list of online games Kajot Casino is an online casino from Pro Xenon Mediathek Ltd. It is a basic site but still jam-packed full of games, including slots and Blackjack. Whether you are a newcomer to online gaming, or an experienced player with your own personal favourite games, Kajot Casino aims to welcome everyone! Then, starting with the ‘All’ tab which shows the list of all Kajot casinos, you can check along different tabs to filter these casinos as necessary; ‘Recommended’ shows our picks of the bunch while ‘Newly opened’ will give you a list of new Kajot casinos. Small and not too hyped online casino game providers usually limit their game choices to online slots, but Kajot is not the case. In the Kajot list of online casino games, you will also find the classic blackjack and several kinds of virtual sports betting games, including Racing Dogs and Racing horses that you can play for fun or bet real money on. Like any other Kajot product, these games are not too advanced but are still lovely to play for a change and can bring you some decent wins. https://4dfitness.com.au/forums/profile/kamleavitt46308/ Table games is definitely the most appreciated game type in land-based casinos. It is possible to play in so many ways that it is difficult to not see the charm of it. Table games include many different variations of games. You can choose to play a variant that suits you best. The Company is licensed and regulated: (i) in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 52894; (ii) by The Malta Gaming Authority under licence number MGA B2C 370 2017 (issued 01 08 2018) for all other customers. At online casinos, you’ll find a trusted line-up of online payment methods. All these methods use the latest security protocols to protect your money and personal details. They’re also very easy to use. You might prefer using a Paysafecard, with its extended security offer, and someone else might like the convenience of a debit card. These, and many more, will be available at the casinos online. All our top-rated casinos offer the payment methods you’ll see in the table below.

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This is where players can get many free spins compared to the no deposit offers as a deposit is required with the minimum being around ВЈ10 or ВЈ20 to participate in the offer. The wagering requirements for these offers are commonly much lower, with around x10 to x20 required to release the cash, plus you can get quite a lot of spins anywhere from 100 to 200 spins when making a deposit. These free spins can vary in value up to ВЈ1 per spin with the right site. The iLUCKI Casino no deposit free spins offer is exclusive to new customers. At different online casinos NZ, the types of different free spins and how they work can differ greatly. To properly benefit and find the best deals for you, you need to understand how these different free spins work. We have run-down a list of the most popular free spin deals there are on the market. By far the most popular are free spins that are credited to your account right after registering – they are a form of no deposit casino bonus. https://test-4.sri-trust.org/community/profile/jaimievanburen/ Email * Kelly and I discussed many topics including, advice to new crafters, chit chat about her soon-to-be-born baby, tips for getting on design teams, one-layer cards and details , and how busy her life is. Because she is so busy, we are especially grateful that she joined us for an episode. We look forward to hearing when the wee one shows up, and seeing if the wheel will give her blue (her boyfriend) next time! Thank you, Kelly! If you haven’t joined our Craft Roulette Show Facebook group, we talk all about these cards and parameters each and every week. You’re invited to join us. If you haven’t joined our Craft Roulette Show Facebook group, we talk all about these cards and parameters each and every week. You’re invited to join us. Best Rate Guarantee For us so – called first worlders, a cow taxi is definitely quirky. You probably should shoot the winner an email so they know they won and that the ball is now in their court. Thanks for hosting.

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Step 6 – If you are not using VPN and you have a good connection, you may have forgotten your password. Follow the recover your password instructions here. ВЈ $ €10 min deposit using promo code “TOP100” • The bonus will be applied once the full deposit amount has been wagered at least twice with cumulative odds of 1.50 or greater • To withdraw any winnings from your bonus, you must wager the bonus amount up to 5 timesВ¬ • All deposit and bonus wagering requirements must be completed within 60 days • This offer may not be combined with any other offer • Wagering limit of ВЈ $ €50 per bet Applies • Restrictions apply to withdrawals, payment methods and countries & full T&Cs apply. CasinoMate is very popular in Australia, and not only, but it is also played by players from all over the world, and they trust it as one of the most reliable. Becouse it provides the most advanced online casino bonuses for gambling fans.Professional gambling is not just about fun and excitement. It is also about huge cash you can win. https://ccrr.womenscontact.org/community/profile/jennifervogt612/ Did you like this article? 80 Pyrmont Street How To Win Big Craps – How to use online at online casino Gambling can be harmful if not controlled and may lead to addiction! PokerStars is the world’s largest online poker operator. In the US, PokerStars online poker and Stars Casino online casino operations run in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The most recent figures from Liquor and Gaming NSW reveal poker machines in Canterbury-Bankstown took in almost $48 million in profits in April, or more than $1.5 million a day. In Fairfield, pokies collected more than $47 million. Wichita returns home on Sunday, November 4th to host the Utah Grizzles at 4:05 p.m. Come watch the Air Force vs. Marines game at 2 p.m. and stay for Military Appreciation Night. All military with a valid ID get a complimentary ticket.

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